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PGPD looking for 'woman in scrubs' who helped save man's life | News

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PGPD looking for 'woman in scrubs' who helped save man's life

FORT WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- When Patrol Officer Dale Sollars leaped into action to help a man seriously injured after a multi-car crash in Fort Washington, he found some unexpected help alongside him.

Next to him was an unknown woman in scrubs, working with the officer to save the life of 73-year-old Jorge Mondino after he had a heart attack while driving on Route 210 in Fort Washington.

Their heroics worked and Mondino will be out of the hospital soon to celebrate Christmas with his family in McLean.

But Prince George's County authorities have no clue who to thank. 

In the chaos following the accident, officers never got the name of the woman who helped Officer Sollars perform CPR on Mondino. The only thing police know about her is that she's a physician from Garrett County.

"She identified herself as a physician. She seemed very confident in her abilities and remained calm. That showed me she’d probably done that sort of thing before," Officer Sollars said. 

Police also say the woman wears glasses, has dirty blonde hair and was driving a red Silverado pickup truck when she stopped to help Mondino.

"This event is such an incredible thing, the biggest gift we can get at this season," Marta Mondino, the victim’s wife said. "Because it was so precise, so capable, so in action." 

So firefighters and police are putting the story out there, to give a chance for Mondino's family to say thank you and in the hopes they can find the woman in scrubs who saved his life.

"So unbelievably cool under pressure, so competent and they saved my father’s life," Jennifer Mondino, the victim’s daughter, said. "I can’t even begin to think about how to express how grateful we are." 

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